NV Energy Funding Kickoff

Today I gave a speech at a Tule Springs council meeting where they give updates about the work being accomplished as the monument develops. I gave a speech and presentation updating the members and other attending people about the development of my project where I presented the model and movements toward the possible final location for the Monumental Mammoth. After my speech, I was greeted by Councilman Cherchio, the Mayor Pro-temp of NLV, where I presented him with a Girl Scout pin of honor, thanking him for all the time, encouragement, support and guidance he has given me through city processes to make this dream a reality. He has been a true mentor for me and sees this vision as a reality. I was then met on stage by Judy Stokey, from NV Energy, who surprised me with my first donation of $10,000 toward the Monumental Mammoth. It was truly a BIG surprise!!! I am so so excited to see this project growing and it’s amazing that the community is getting pumped up 🙂

Video of the presentation of the check: https://youtu.be/obCht7DbTME

Richard Cherchio: http://www.cityofnorthlasvegas.com/departments/mayor_and_council/richard_cherchio.php



Hi! I am the visionary for the project the Monumental Mammoth. I am 18 years old living in Las Vegas, NV.

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