The Box Shop and MIG welding

I just returned from an amazing weekend working with Dana Albany at the Box Shop in San Francisco! The Box Shop is a place where many talented metal workers, fountain makers, wood workers, and the artistically inclined come together to work in a space with creative vibes flowing from every angle. As I was there, I was very fortunate to go around Dana’s space in the shop and learn how to use all the tools. I learned how to MIG weld, use a grinder, use a plasma cutter, bend metal, and search through the scrap metal pile for cool pieces! Also my face got COVERED in soot!!!After spending three days working, I was able to create another mini mammoth model I brought home. I was also fortunate enough to work with Tristan Harvey, a creative and extremely talented welder, as well as his adorable dog Roxy. Now that I know all the tools and tricks to the Box Shop, I have a running list of the items I need to collect for our giant space which will hold our very own metal working shop which I will be calling “The Hot Box”. Dana and I also worked on gesture drawings for the mammoth so we can begin working with an engineer to make sure our sculpture is structurally sound. Everything is moving right along!!! 🌈 Happy Pride week as well 🌈

IMG_5474.jpg   IMG_2405.JPG


Meeting Dana Albany

This weekend I went to San Francisco to visit an artist who I was lucky enough to meet with – Dana Albany. She has been creating art and bringing it to Burning Man since 1999, when she entered her first piece, a tree made from skulls from various animals that she called “The Bone Tree”. Since then, she has been creating sculptures from found objects specifically metals. Her artistic style when it comes to this medium is extremely skillful, creative, unique, and breathtaking. She would be the perfect addition to the creation of the exterior skin structure of this sculpture. Cory and her son Sagan, who was the youngest person to bring art to Burning Man came with us to make the introduction. We got to see her studio, her sculpture called “The Gatekeeper”, and other artist’s work around the city. I had an amazing time and I think she is interested in working with us! I really connected with her and she would be happy to teach me the tricks of the trade.

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